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Hi, thanks for looking at my website and taking an interest in what I do. I've been working in Architecture since 1989 on many varied an exciting projects. During this time I saw a lot of changes in the way Architects and other designers worked, of especial interest to me was the move away from working with the drawing board, technical pen and tracing paper to using a computer to draw with.

I was hooked from the very first time I saw someone using a computer to draw with, and set out to teach myself how to draw using autocad. After a number of years I got more and more interested in 3D, I'd learned a bit with Autocad but now I heard of a software program called 3D Studio MAX, it was the early 90's and i recall the first thing I created was a sphere, I was amazed and set out to learn this software, and I've been learning it ever since.

That's the thing with Architectural Illustration, and many other things, you never stop learning. There's always something new coming along, a new addition to max's many tools, a new plugin, a new way of doing something, it's never ending, I like it, it keeps you on your toes, I'll never get rich doing it though :)

Thanks for Looking


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